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backyard gym

How often did it happen that there was some urgent task and you didn’t perform the planned visit to the fitness club or even just a jog? This happens to me regularly. And it's not about the poor organization of time. Simply, household chores and kids make a factor of surprise in our lives. And I like it! The main question is, what opportunities does this create?

Garage gym, rings

Equipping your home gym is often viewed as extremely expensive. Nevertheless, if you sort it out and take a responsibly choose all the equipment, you can meet the strictest budget. Here is how!

Kipping pull-ups

Kipping Pull-Ups - an exercise in which one works out almost the entire group of muscles of the body, shoulders, back, legs and legs.

The difference between the tacfit and the classical fitness

During the past decades, fitness became one of the rapidly developing types of sports. Lots of new programs and standards appeared, whereas separate large movements meant for different aims and tasks were quite rare. The latest big branch of this kind was tacfit (tactical fitness), which was borrowed from the trainings meant for police officers, fire fighters, and Special Forces. These organizations have developed standards and training programmes that now become popular among the masses. We think that this perspective movement will last for a long time.

How to promote sports among your relatives: trainings with family and friends

Encouraging somebody to start doing sports is not always a difficult and pointless task, but you need to clearly understand why you need to do this, as well as you will need to choose the appropriate method. This article will provide you with information that will help you to organize trainings with friends and family.

Kaspars Kalnbērzs - an interview for Element Fitness

Today we have prepared something special for our readers: we want to tell you about a man who successfully represented Latvia on OCR competitions worldwide, and who helps us to develop our equipment. This man is Kaspars Kalnbērzs; he was ranked in Top 30 on OCR World Championships, and he shows great results in competitions in Latvia and all around the world.

How to make trainings your business; three ways to transform your hobby into work

It seems that everybody wants to find a way for their hobby to become profitable, or even to become a main source of income; for many people, crossfit became such a hobby. We sat and thought for a while about how it can be possible make profit from trainings with making minimal financial investments, and now we are going to share our ideas with you.

Crossfit - when age is not a hindrance for training!

In our country, crossfit is a relatively young movement, but in America and many European countries, it has already found its niche among the adepts of healthy lifestyle of all ages. Many crossfit gyms are proud of the fact that the age of their visitors ranges from 7 to 70. This article will tell you about why age is not an obstacle for the trainings, and what people older than 50 must take into account when doing functional trainings.

Affordable cross-training as a social movement

The society is traditionally viewed as a large group of people united by the common goals and interests, and provision of the society with all the benefits of civilization is very important. The notion „benefits of civilization” includes sports, too.

What is a tactical fitness (tacfit)?

Have you ever noticed that nowadays shelves in the bookstores are full of books like “How to quit smoking”, “How to lose weight”, “How to get rich”, etc.? Such books are in demand, because many people wish to achieve significant results in a short amount of time. If you keep asking yourself whether there is a fast and effective recipe in the world of fitness, we say yes, there is one! This recipe is called tactical fitness.

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