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ASK Patria Tough Run

For the first time in Latvia, the Obstacle Course competition, organized by our good friends and partners - the army sports club ASK Patria, was held. The Obstacle Course competition Patria Tough Run was attended by about 750 participants from seven countries. Participants were allowed 2 routes: "caliber 12,7mm" ~ 7 km with all the obstacles (NAF Open Championship in age groups) and "caliber 5.66 mm" (for beginners) ~ 7 km with the obstacles selected by the organizer, without breakdown into age groups. For these competitions, we specially prepared 2 frames - "low" and "high" Obstacle Courses.

In general, this is only one of the many projects that we helped to implement. Thanks to our cooperation, we receive valuable feedback and a strong team for product testing, and ASK Patria receives the latest equipment and developments. Any new attachments, as well as frames for Obstacle Courses, pass through real field checks to get real-time feedback from experienced professionals in army physical training and fitness. All reviews of Element Fitness products are sent to its own design team, which then improves the product line.

We are grateful that the army sports club ASK Patria has chosen us as its partner and supplier of equipment, and we will continue to contribute to the promotion of Patria Tough Run and OCR competitions in Latvia and abroad, as well as to improve our equipment!


What problems emerged during the implementation of the project and how were they solved?

During the implementation of the project, we did not encounter any problems related to the installation of the equipment or logistics. The manufacturer will always find a solution if you have any problems.

How did you choose the supplier company and what did you find attractive in it and the proposed solution? is one of the few manufacturers in Latvia that recommends testing their products before making the final choice. They are very attentive to the individual ideas of the client, including even those that are not yet very popular in Latvia (OCR competitions).

Can you describe the experience of cooperation with us in a few words and tell whether and why would you recommend our solution to your colleagues?

We would recommend to others because so far there’s no alternative manufacturer in Latvia that would take care of the customer and would offer a quality product manufactured in Latvia with a very diverse range of products and a better financial offer compared to foreign analogs.

Sincerely, Organizers of the OCR PATRIA TOUGH RUN!

In the course of project implementation, there were no considerable difficulties either with inventory installation or logistics. The manufacturer always looks for a solution in case of any problems. os one of those rare manufacturers in Latvia, which encourages testing their products, try them before the final choice. They are very welcoming adapting to the client’s individual ideas, even those, which have not yet won popularity in Latvia (OCR competition).

I recommend to other people because I do not see an alternative manufacturer in Latvia, which would undertake the care of the final user. They have high-quality articles made in Latvia, varied range of products, as well as a financially more favorable offer than the foreign analogs.

Yours faithfully, Organizers of OCR competitions PATRIA TOUGH RUN