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Banana Fitness

Svetlana Maknya is an experienced sportswoman and a highly qualified personal trainer with extensive experience. Her “Banana Fitnesa Studija” studio was opened in 2017 and is a good example of one of the friendliest and most hospitable personal gyms. The services offered at “Banana Fitnesa Studija” include individual training, weight loss training, rehabilitation training, and group training for both children and adults.

We worked with Svetlana from the very beginning of the project to develop a suitable solution that would fit nicely into the design of the gym. During the development, the main attention was paid to the creation of a functional, compact and modern station that would help its customers to achieve their goals.

When we first met Svetlana, she already had a clear vision of what she wanted from the studio. It was clear that it was necessary to make the most out of available, relatively small, space, while also leaving enough free area for training, in new and exciting ways.

The main priority was to create a space in which individual and group training could be conducted in a friendly and non-frightening environment. We have developed several 3D models to visualize possible frame solutions that can be supplemented with attachments or refitted in the future.

Together we discussed various solutions and reviewed plans before we came up with the final version, which Svetlana was happy with. The basis of the choice of color was the name of the club – “Banana Fitnesa Studija”, so the frame immediately acquired a bright yellow color.

Each club has its own specificity and uniqueness. In Element Fitness we strive to understand the features of the client's gym and focus on its’ strengths. Together with our clients, we are interested in creating a modern training environment that would support and motivate them.

Thanks to Svetlana and “Banana Fitnesa Studija” for choosing us!


What are the challenges in your industry that led you to use our solutions?

We were opening a new gym, and we needed to create a functional area for training in the available indoor space. Keeping this in mind, we did not want to clutter the hall, but we wanted to create the most compact, but, at the same time, functional station. 

What problems emerged during the implementation of the project and how were they solved?

At first, the people who were installing the construction did not install the poles correctly, because of which they had to completely re-screw them and make new holes in the floor and make cuts in the flooring. Therefore, it is always best to make yourself familiar with the instructions. A big advantage is that the frame can be installed by yourself and it's easy to implement any changes.

How did you choose the supplier company and what did you find attractive in it and the proposed solution?

We needed to create the most functional construction in the available area of 60 square meters. All the manufacturers that we previously considered either had inadequate functionality or lack of ergonomics.

What processes did you managed to improve with our solution, and did it save time or reduce costs?

Considering that we already had experience in management and in the work of trainers, we were already familiar with many similar products from other manufacturers. Nevertheless, when we were opening our gym, we decided to choose your products, because they turned out to be more profitable, mobile enough for transportation and moving around the gym, as well as possessing many additional options.

Can you describe the experience of cooperation with us in a few words and tell whether and why would you recommend our solution to your colleagues? 

We would recommend your solution to our colleagues, because, first, the product is of really high quality and the price/quality ratio is very high, as well. Secondly, the equipment is adjustable to specific needs - size, height, latitude and functions. Finally, you have a good team, which devotes a lot of time to the client and the project – they can explain, show and even come to any part of our country.