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Battle of riga 2019

 BOR logoBattle of Riga Throwdown is an independently hosted competitive event that is the official functional fitness event of Latvia. Battle of Riga has programmed their own workouts and scoring for the competition.

The 2019 Battle of Riga not only saw some of the most grueling functional challenges you’re ever likely to find, but they also threw in a section where you hammer out 100 calories on an assault bike before jumping into hard weightlifting. As functional workouts go, it doesn’t get more varied than that.

Qualifiers take place over two weeks in April and May, with athlete classes covering elites, sport, over 35s (men) and over 40s (men) – the elites battling it out for a €6,500 prize pot across the three best athletes in each gender group. BOR 2019 Finals took place on the 13th and 14th of July 2019 in the Arena Riga.

Fancy trying out the workouts from the 2019 event? Then you can find each of the six WODs on the event website. Good luck!