Best Fit

Established in 2019 with a mission to do things differently. Best Fit has quickly evolved its profile by equipping their gyms with the best amenities, the most innovative health and fitness technology, the latest cardio and strength training equipment, and the most dynamic group exercise programs.  

Best Fit had a unique rig installed into their facility. A custom functional free-standing rig with the adjustable pull-up bars and core trainer has utilized the available space around the central building pillar well. An additional squat place and functional zone equipped with TRX suspension belts have completed the look perfectly. A wooden ladder and a set of gymnastic rings were added to complete the functional training and stretching area.

Artificial turf was also added to the gym, allowing functional space to be easily used for stretching. The gym also has a variety of other equipment, ranging from dumbells and strength machines and prone rows, making this a top-class facility.