Cross Training Racks and Rigs- ElementFitness

Cross Training Rigs and Racks – universal tools for creation of areas for strength and functional trainings. All frames are made of steel profile; they are wear resistant and need no maintenance. Using them, you can make a compact and convenient training area on any given place, taking individual features of club or room into account. Compatibility with large and constantly growing list of attachments allows complexes reacting towards the changing needs of the users. 

  • Economical efficiency
    Element Fitness offers its complexes at reasonable prices. They have effective footprint and need no maintenance costs.
  • High reliability
    The equipment is made of high-quality materials, applying automated processing. The structure is reliable and durable.
  • Simple assembly and expandability
    Assembly of the complex is simple and does not require special knowledge or tools. Besides it can be gradually developed adding new elements.
  • Universality
    The complex allows organizing high-intensity functional and circle trainings both for experienced athletes and beginners.