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Crossfit Jugla

CrossFit Jugla is one of the newest CrossFit gyms in Riga, which is not only equipped with the latest training equipment but has also built a whole commune around itself. Their focus on communication and openness has yielded fantastic results for customers who initially just wanted to start doing CrossFit.

The gym was located in a large room and for this new facility, it was necessary to create an open-ended training zone that could be used at discretion. Working with Element Fitness from the early stages of the hall design, it became clear that the central zone should remain free for group sessions, warm-ups, and free weights lifting. At the same time, all power frames and systems for attaching TRX belts should be located along the walls.

We collected all the detailed dimensions of the room, discussed both the conditions for fastening and the detailed information on the required attachments and then presented our vision and understanding of the new CrossFit gym. Of course, we also presented 3D-models of possible frames and the project as a whole.

CrossFit Jugla, undoubtedly, will continue its growth and the popularization of the CrossFit movement. By combining their love for CrossFit, coaching experience and gym management, the CrossFit Jugla team has developed a winning formula that supports an ideal and happy community every day.