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Since our company comes from Latvia - it is not a surprise, that we actively participate outdoor functional training gym tenders in our own town and actively promoting different sporting events. Every time we try to propose equipment with fresh new design and layout. Under this section you may find several photos of project developed for University of Daugavpils and also Rugeli district. This was a full installation of our equipment with all rig attachments and standalone structures, such as balance logs, plyo platforms and dip stations, with different features built in.

A fully equipped outdoor functional training rig that caters for up to 15 people have been a huge success among kids and their parents. One of the main features of these installations apart from outstanding quality was its very own embroidered laser cut exercise hints, located on every piece of equipment. Thanks to them, even beginner can get an advice, what exercises are available at any station.

We are really honored to work with our municipality, and we will keep developing new projects for within tight deadlines and high quality standards.