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Element Fitness Performance Locker

SKU: 30-05627


Element Fitness Performance Lockers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to integrate Element Fitness functional training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create a multi-modality training center in any place. Lockers come in 2 standard sizes - 10 and 20ft and every project is unique - we custom adjust performance lockers according to training needs and specifics - not only externally, but also internally, depending on the functional inventory you might need.

The Lockers expand the footprint of training facilities, create additional outdoor training options for professional use and provide fully deployable solutions to enable training in any location. Our Lockers are being used in EU and NATO military formations around the Baltic States. The Element Fitness rig system with the whole set of attachments is fully integrated with our Lockers, so we would be glad to bring a solution to any of your training challenges!