Element Fitness Performance Locker


Element Fitness Performance Locker is custom-made standard freight containers that have been specially manufactured for the integration of Element Fitness Functional training equipment, their storage and for the establishment of a multifunctional training center at any location. 2 standard sizes - 10 and 20 feet - and each project can be unique.

We create the training area individually according to the requirements and special features of the training - not only externally, but also internally, depending on the functional equipment.

The containers make versatile functional training areas, create additional opportunities for outdoor training for professional use and offer fully usable solutions with which you can carry out training anywhere. Our containers are used in EU and NATO military units in Europe and in the Baltic countries.

The Element Fitness Rig System is fully integrated with all of our attachments in the container, so we would be happy to find an individual solution for Your training challenges!