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Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming company is a leading provider of Live Casino solutions with main office in Riga, Latvia. For their employees, they decided to open a well-equipped gym on the first floor of the main office. The previous gym they had was focused just only on a limited free weights area and general gym layout.

We proposed a standalone rig system which would be suitable for TRX suspension belts, power exercises and also calisthenics and stretching. We had also included several attachments to the rig, so that rig became even more functional. With these rig they were able to accommodate three times the users in the office gym which they never had previous and improved team-building and communication within the company.

The rig was mounted to the concrete floor with ease and rubber flooring covered the entire free weight area later on. Now, the office gym became one of the big advantages of Evolution Gaming.

crossfit rig evo