Family training

A training station for your backyard is the best solution for training not only for you but also for your children. Having your own sports ground at home is very convenient since you will save time and money on the gym abo, you will not have to go anywhere and you will have more time to spend with your children. Children because of their age are very inquisitive. A new sports ground and training station in the yard will surely arouse their genuine interest in an active lifestyle.

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The highest Safety and Quality

The highest Safety & Quality

5-year warranty

5-year warranty


In one rig we collected a lot of opportunities that will make your family active leisure diverse.


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Training stations are multifunctional to the bones. You can perform such exercises as pull-ups, push-ups, abs workout, working with a boxing bag, which will train and strengthen the muscles of the back, legs, arms, and forearms. Throwing a medicine ball will develop strength endurance. Crawling on a climbing a rope, along with the climbing wall will improve hand-grip, develop grip strength and coordination. At our training stations, you can also perform plenty of functional exercises: squats, lunges, jumps, stretching, etc.

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The highest safety and quality
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We have a training station from Element Fitness purchased 2 years ago. Everything is OK. Honestly, I don't remember how much was the cost then, but the service was super. We have arranged the meeting, discussed everything with visualizations and Element Fitness team has arrived for installation on the exact day. It seemed super cool to me as a customer. Installation was done in 4 hours. Nothing has been broken, worn or otherwise damaged during these years, although the training spot is heavily used by both mine and neighbor children and adults.

Miikael, Parnu, Estonia

This sport set is great! We have ordered it for our brother and his two kids. Brother is a CrossFit fan, so we have assembled the rig just the way we wanted and there were only elements that he needed for training. It was fairly easy to put together, and the whole time we kept saying "man, they thought of EVERYTHING!" All the details fit perfectly and they sent us some extra bolts, in case we want to rebuild it later. Would highly recommend Element Fitness team!

Oskar, Tallinn, Estonia

Prior to my purchase, I spent a long time looking at different rigs. My husband did not want anything wooden because of the repeat need stain/seal it over time. I felt good when I saw that Element Fitness provides a 5-year warranty. I have not been disappointed! The quality of the set far surpasses many of the other metal options I found!

The sports ground was shipped from Daugavpils and arrived within 2 days. The whole set was in a large wooden box in the truck. We have ordered big metal plates with the rig, so installation was fairly easy. Thank you for your service!

Ieva, Saulkrasti, Latvia

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