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Gym!™ Eesti

Gym!™ Eesti is a brand-new gym chain, which already developed 2 clubs - in Tartu and Tallinn.

This project was very exciting from the very first day. Siim Vilumets - Head of the Gym!™ had his own vision of how he sees functional training classes and what attachments would be needed for that. That is why the project was pretty move-forward and very exciting. We have developed cross-training rig with full-size dip bars for calisthenics, gymnastic rings, 2-level monkey bars, salmon ladder, plyo platform, and many additional features. Once we finalized all rig specifications we were then able to focus on colors for the equipment as this was really important for the client - to have the rig in branded colors.

The Gym!™ really gives the WOW effect with the selection of equipment supplied and the “Yellow Pearl” rig. The facility offers absolutely everything - from power training to calisthenics and gymnastics. We are absolutely privileged to be in a position to work with Siim and Gym! team and look forward to future projects which we sure will be as successful.