HD Cross Training Rigs

Reliable and always outstanding

Heavy Duty Cross Training Rig – a universal tool for creation of strength and functional trainings areas. All frames are made of steel profile; they are wear-resistant and need no maintenance. Compatibility with large and constantly growing list of hinge equipment allows the complex reacting towards the changing needs of the users.

Adjustable to any conditions

HD Cross Training Rig is a real design set for a trainer. It allows making a compact and convenient area at any provided place, taking the individual features of club or room into account. All components are universal – the structure may be easily transformed and moved. Functional holes in uprights make it possible to create unique zones of training area with the help of hinge equipment, considering the group needs and training types.

Effective, wherever it is

The complex will find its use not only in fitness clubs. HD Cross Training Rig will perfectly fit for competitions and guest trainings, educational institutions and bases of tactics trainings (army, police, firefighters, rescuers and security services). In the territory of a private house, it will become a safe, convenient and functional area for regular exercises without maintenance and servicing.