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Lemon Gym

The Lemon Gym network has eight clubs in Lithuania and five clubs in Latvia and occupies almost the entire niche of low-cost clubs. Lemon Gym has a unique business model, thanks to which they offer extended working hours of their gyms and an attractive price policy.

Lemon Gym was looking for a cost-effective partner that would help them achieve their operational and marketing goals. We have been cooperating for several years and every new gym exceeds the previous one in size and capacity but remains within the budget.

Another important aspect that influenced the choice of a supplier of equipment for functional training is the modernization of equipment within a limited budget. We needed such constructions, which could be modified and supplemented during the use and growth of the client base and the gym.

After the beginning of cooperation with our partners and Element Fitness, Lemon Gym has increased the number of functional group training for its clients - both group-oriented ones and individual. With the opening of each new club, we develop several possible solutions based on the area of the gym, type of training and budget, maintaining a transparent price policy and offering unique solutions.  

Photo: GFitness