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Mentor Gym

We were asked to deliver a project for Mentor Gym in Finland by our trusted dealers as they were expanding and wanted to upgrade the current gym with new and innovative equipment and also equipment for functional trainings. They have a wide range of clienteles from all ages and backgrounds of exercise, and we had to ensure that we covered all aspects from cardio, strength and group training when delivering and designing the functional training rigs for the Mentor Gym. Special accent was made on strength training - so squat and bench stations availability was a must.

The first thing we developed was central cross-training rig with variety of attachments and different heights, so that group sessions including gymnastics would be available even for big classes. After that, we discussed the perfect amount for squat station availability and places for bench presses in gym during busy hours.

Mentor Gym board was very surprised by the production and delivery time and functional training zones were mounted in Finland in a blink of an eye.

Functional rig Mentor sledge