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Mobile tactical training camp: package A

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Practice brings perfection

People who’s got other peoples’ lives dependent on them must keep their skills on a top notch level, and the Mobile Tactical Camp can help! It allows to imitate a variety of specifical situations that military and tactical forces have to deal with, and situations that cannot be worked out on standard exercise machines. This complex helps the tactical athletes to stay in shape, and to feel confident in any situation.

A Swiss knife of an exercise machine

The first thing that you will see when you will open the Mobile Tactical Camp kit are the universal engineering solutions that make our device one of a kind. One box fits a whole training complex that can be used by six persons  at the same time! Each and every centimeter of the space is used: all the details are arranged into the easy-to-assemble order, which makes the assembling process very fast and intuitively clear. All the tools necessary for assembling can be found in the box, too.

An irreplaceable team member

The Mobile Tactical Camp will become the universal assistant for each and every tactical team; it will help to arrange a compact and effective training zone even in confined spaces, and will provide the team with everything that one can need for the training routine. At same time, the Mobile Tactical Camp can be quickly disassambled, packed, and effectively used in the outdoor trainings as well!