Employs every square meter

OctoRig may be easily placed on open areas and in any rooms. The complex has many modifications; including the possibility to assemble it to the wall. Besides it is easily transformed, allowing creating unique training areas with rational use of all space provided. OctoRig will become irreplaceable tool for cross training, large-scale competitions and tactical trainings.  

New training experience

OctoRig is intentionally designed for circle trainings. The trainer can effectively manage the group staying at the same distance to each participant. OctoRig may be equipped with the required set of hinge equipment, adjusting the complex for needs of specific group, if necessary, easily restructuring it to solve new tasks. 


OctoRig combines many technical and engineering solutions – both trainers and athletes will gain new and positive experience working with the complex. Manufacturing it, only high-class materials are used. For convenient creation of training areas, fastening holes on adjacent planes are shifted; horizontal connectors have different length and allow assembling frames with alternate step. Complex feels nice both working with it and servicing it!