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OctoRig Tactical 30-02016

SKU: 30-02016


This frame model has been created based on octagon both for organization of athletes trainings in large groups and competitions. This frame will fit for competitions and trainings of groups up to 40 people.

The frame includes 10 places for safe work with a bar (weight), 20 horizontal bars, 2 elongated monkey bars, ending with slope steps (Flying pull-up bars). In the internal area of the frame, there are many horizontal bars and beams available allowing to use additional equipment, boxing bags and TRX systems. The complex may be, in addition, equipped with attached implements (beams, flanges, platforms, rails and fastening elements).

This frame is available either coated with any color or hot galvanized.

Bars are made of 80х80 mm steel profile pipe. Metal thickness is 3 mm. The structure is very stable and strong, but it needs fastenings to the floor or to special platforms. The height of bars may be 2.4 or 2.8 meters. Bars are equipped with holes for fastening of additional elements and attached implements. All holes have equal size and are located at all height from all parts, thus providing the widest modification possibilities.