OctoRig Tactical 30-02455


The frame is a combination of 2 OctoRig octagon, which are mutually joined with multilevel monkey bar. The structure may be used for competitions, creation of various obstacle courses or circle trainings in groups up to 20 people.

This frame provides up to 8 places for safe work with bar (weight) – for squatting or bench press, 16 places for pull-ups with narrow and wide grip, elongated monkey bar with level drops to train endurance and grip. Parts of the monkey bar are located with different angles; that allows diversifying the training process and making it available to athletes with different level of fitness. Central pillars of the frame are 3,44m high; thanks to this, a training area can be arranged using ropes or the rings. Likewise, the structure may be additionally equipped with beams, platforms, rope fastenings, wall-ball targets, as well as а a wide set of accessories for “Ninja Warrior” style trainings.

The frame is available with different color-coating of bars or hot-galvanized.