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Olympic Gym Innsbruck

The headquarters of the Olympic Fitness Gym, which opened its doors in early 2012 is currently one of the versatile and all-around equipped gyms in Austria. The traditional studio - Olympic Gym has been around for 30 years. Through constant improvements and new acquisitions, the club management team was able to bring the club into a premium club of a special class. 

In 2019 Olympic Fitness has decided to expand its resources. The area of ​​functional and weight training continues to grow. Therefore, the Club Board has started looking for a new location to offer their members everything a sportsman's heart could desire!

The brief that Element Fitness received from our European partners was to create a fascinating obstacle course rig that allows the pairing of interval cardio and strength training to be executed, therefore ensuring to maximize the space provided. It had to be fun-to-the-bones, challenging, and provide many additional working places at the same time. The fitness program of the Olympic fitness goes beyond many gyms about the offer. No matter if you want to train your endurance, want to strengthen your muscles, do something good for your back, or just want to have fun in a group. So our aim as producers and designers was to keep it the same way and give some more possibilities for expansion and new course offerings.