Outdoor Functional Training Station

Maximum output

Outdoor Functional Training Station – reliable, universal and effective tool for training grounds’ organization. The complex is simple and reliable, it does not require additional maintenance costs and permits to make maximum use of available space (2,5m2 per user). A large, constantly renewed assortment of attached implements allow quick responding to any new user requirements and market trends, the complex always remains actual!

Flexibility and universality

Outdoor Functional Training Station is an irreplaceable tool in the hands of any coach. The complex allows creating of a compact training zone for a large number of users. The coach may decide how to arrange attached implements according to the needs of a particular group of athletes and types of training (functional, power, recovery), as well he can effectively organize working space.

For family and friends

Outdoor Functional Training Station is an ideal device for private and out-of-town areas, which will appeal to both amateur and professional athletes. The complex is made of high quality materials, adapted for all weather conditions and does not require maintenance and service. Practice effective and above all useful fitness outdoors with family or friends.