Outdoor Functional Training Stations

Outdoor Functional Training Station - reliable, universal and effective device for the organization of training grounds for functional training and an irreplaceable tool in the hands of any coach. The complex allows quick creating of a compact training zone for a large number of athletes. Due to a constantly renewed assortment of attached implements, it is easy to respond to any new user requirements and market trends, the complex always remains actual!

  • Suitable for any age and fitness level.
    Both experienced athletes, professionals, and beginners of any age can practice at the station.
  • Outdoor equipment is certified by new EN1176.
    Every single element is now certified according to the strict requirements for the manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance.
  • Quick installation with no maintenance costs.
    It is incredibly easy to use the complex; it requires no special equipment for assembly. Drain holes and high-quality materials make it resistant to environmental impact.
  • Effective use of all available space.
    Comfortable training area for 15 people can be arranged in the area of only 30 m2, in which every athlete will feel free and safe.
  • Perform a variety of exercises for the whole body, changing their intensity on your own.
    Attached implements allow you to perform a wide range of exercises for the development of each muscle group, at the same time, an athlete can control the muscle loading by changing the body position.
  • Clear instructions and protection against vandalism.
    All instructions related to the equipment are placed right on it and are always available; the protection against vandalism makes it possible not to worry about the safety of the construction.
  • Reliable construction with the possibility of extension.
    Training station can never exhaust its capacity - due to the additional equipment it is possible not only to complete it but also to expand, combining with other complexes.
  • Comfortable organization of the training process.
    The station allows carrying out complex functional circuit training involving the whole group of athletes, while the coach can always follow every participant.