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Patria Historical Run

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Obstacle Course Run (OCR) is a popular sport, hosting world and European championships with tens of thousands of supporters and participants.

For many years, Element Fitness has been proud to partner with the Latvian Army Sports Club Ask Patria, which has launched a new track and field obstacle courses in 2018 for athletes and residents of Latvia - Patria Tough Run, Historical or Mud Run mud and "City Run" that will lead you through a city. Each race has its own specifics, intrigue, and surprises.

How the organizers themselves highlight the specifics of Historical Run:

“The Patria Historical Run OCR Race is a race where you not only face the obstacles but also face the testimonies of our country's history. You will meet ancient Latvian warriors in the distance, you will go through the Freedom Fights, of which you will be a member. Likewise, you will be able to escape the KGB agents and if you are brave, the National Guerrilla Group will help you. 

All this and more and more events await you in the distance ... BUT don't forget that your main task will be to overcome obstacles and not lose speed. "

As usual, one of the big obstacles is the Element Fitness rig, which was installed in the water to make the athlete's race challenging and reward athletes who did not overcome the wet shoes until the end of the race. We look forward to the next race where the organizers will come up with something new and full of special effects!