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People Fitness

Although it is difficult to determine a single thing in such a diverse space, perhaps the culture of communication with the client is of paramount importance in People Fitness. The goal is to interact with members of the club throughout the entire time; not only at the registration.

Creating spaces in which athletes can receive instructions from the coach is the key, whether it is training in the gym or functional group classes.

The goal of Element Fitness was to create functional zones in several gyms of the network. It was important for us to understand how the classes will be built and what exercises will take place. It was extremely important for us to make sure that the gym space both attracted attention and had good functionality for athletes who knew exactly what they wanted to do during the training.

In the People Fitness gyms, we installed several functional frames, bridges for attaching training loops, a lot of attachments, and equipped the People Fitness Cross-Box with a specially designed multi-level CrossFit construction.

Do you know what the best part is? We received a lot of positive feedback from the trainers, who were given the opportunity to launch new individual and group training programs. Thus, the gym attracted not only additional clients but also coaches.

Photo: GFitness