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Power Racks And Squat Racks are designed for professional use during power trainings. The vertical pillars are made of high-quality 80x80mm steel profile. The equipment’s standard height of 2,4 m allows installing it both in houses and apartments, and in premises equipped for trainings.

The rack may be fully disassembled. This makes transportation easy and expands its application scope. The holders are made of 8mm steel and are equipped with special protection sheets made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. They protect the friction surfaces against wear and ensure additional shock absorption when the weight is let down. The set may be equipped with additional sections, fastening for inventory storing and special horizontal bars. The Power Rack and Squat Rack is fully compatible with other Element Fitness racks. It allows combining and transforming it into other types of racks.

Power Racks And Squat Racks ideally fits for both power sections of fitness clubs, gyms, sports measures, and for home use.


The rack is made of high-class steel profile (dimensions 80х80mm, wall thickness – 3mm), standard height 2.4m. The mounting holes are laser-cut and their diameter is 16 mm. The number of ways to use the rack is increased thanks to the holes on the adjacent surfaces that are shifted towards each other; the distance between them is 40mm in the area of bench-press and 80mm in the area of squatting, as well as in the attaching points.

Dimensions of horizontal bars and beams are 1,06 and 1,78 m; it allows adapting the rack both for work with a weight, and for exercises on the horizontal bar.

The set includes weight holders made of 8mm steel, which are equipped with removable protective sheets of special polyethylene. It allows protecting the surfaces that are wear-prone the most and ensure additional comfort during exercises.

The equipment is compatible with other Element Fitness products. Their combination facilitates maximum functionality of the room, in which it is located.

Power Racks And Squat Racks are fully compatible with:

  • Cross Training Octo Rig
  • Cross Training Rig

Power Rack development

Constructors of our firm cooperate closely with sport clubs to develop and create new accessories to satisfy the needs o fall customers. Individual approach is applied to all and optimal solutions are sought.

Key conditions

  • Quality
  • Easy assembly
  • High comfort level
  • Expandability
  • Compatibility
  • Constant development
  • Drainage holes
  • Warranty and support