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Rocca al Mare

At February 2019, MyFitness has extended its biggest club Rocca al Mare and built a new state-of-the-art functional training zone, located in Tallin, Estonia. As part of the new fit out, Element Fitness team was invited to provide a solution for the gym that would allow athletes to perform the core lifts of their strength and conditioning programs. The MyFitness board worked alongside Element Fitness team to ultimately create an elite training space like no other in the country.

MyFitness Rocca al Mare is a multifunctional sports club which offers a wide range of activities. Sports club is situated next to Saku Suurhall. The 2.300m2 gym has a layout that allows the athletes to move from one exercise to another smoothly and easily within the session, logically that doesn't require them from moving to one side of the gym to the other between exercises. 

Overall, the functional training area features a black standalone rig which allows for 4 squat/bench stations to operate at once. This is coupled with 2-level monkey bars with various grip trainers and attachments, standing alone in the center of the facility to allow for dedicated technical and explosive lifts. Along with numerous implements - battle ropes, climbing ropes, core trainers and dip bars, the rig utilizes space and makes unique training area. The club also chose numerous pieces of storage systems to keep all the equipment and free weights in a convenient way. 

With a strong coaching staff and the latest equipment, MyFitness can satisfy their customers with a variety of intense training that attracts new customers who are willing to achieve their fitness goals.