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SK Centrs

Success is inevitable when all the exercise equipment in all gyms is occupied. Group classes proved to be a valuable source of new customers and visitors in one popular fitness hall in Riga - SK Centrs.

The highlight of SK Centrs is a lively and dynamic OctoRig system that offers the possibility of a group and individual training, as well as intensive circular training.

Thanks to responsive trainers, all clients get a charge of positive emotions and keep each other motivated during classes. Also, after the installation of the OctoRig functional frame and after the positive feedback from the customers, the club management increased the total number of group training conducted, which increased the club's profit in general.


What expenditures of your industry made you use solutions similar to ours?

Price; Functionality; Additional elements for functional rig; Fast delivery compared to deliveries of other manufacturers; Latvian manufacturer.

What problems did you have in the course of project implementation and how were they solved?

We had no problems, everything was delivered timely.

How did you select the supplier and what did you find attractive about it and its offered solution?

The supplier was recommended by professionals of Fysioline; they told us everything in details and showed + performed assembly + the final price.

What processes did you improve using our solution and did it save your time and cut costs?

We increased the number of clients of sports clubs, supplemented the available exercise range with new and exciting exercises. It allowed increasing income. Clients are thankful that we offer something new from time to time.

Describe your cooperation experience with us in a few words and why would you recommend our solutions to your colleagues?

Cooperation with you was established through a company Fysioline. I can say only the best things; the rig is professional in all its aspects – I can surely say that it is the world-class inventory at democratic prices.

Jānis Miķelsons

Director of SK CENTRS.