Suspension Belt Frame

Quality and universality

Suspension training belt is the most powerful tool for functional trainings. Suspension Belt Frame is the most convenient structure for their use. The concept of this complex allows creating training areas of the required length and effectively using the space. Suspension Belt Frame is durable and will serve safe and long.

Even more than you may think

Like our other equipment, Suspension Belt Frame may perform other functions. The edges and crossing bars of the upper segments are made of pipes, which turn them into a set of pull-up bars and a monkey bar at the same time. This allows employing the complex for multi-functional trainings and implementing new trainer’s ideas.

Always in right place

Thanks to the segment structure, the field of application of Suspension Belt Frame is very wide. A small complex of 1-2 segments will fit for installation in small halls; longer structures (up to 9 m) will be perfect in large fitness clubs. Due to complex’s mobility, it may be also employed during mass events with large number of participants.