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Training Rig 30-01928

SKU: 30-01928
15482.00 €
(18733.22 € Incl. Tax)


The frame for functional trainings 30-01928 will fit for crossfit halls and competition holding. The frame consists of 10 places equipped with gymnastic rings, pull-up beams, wall-ball targets, anchoring points for the ropes and also multi-level pull-up bars. This frame may be used by more than 10 athletes at the same time. Also, additional equipment might be attached in case of necessity.

Pillars are made of 80х80 mm steel profile pipe. Metal thickness is 3 mm. The structure is very stable and strong, but it needs fastenings to the floor or to special platforms. Bars are equipped with holes for fastening of additional elements and attached implements. All holes have equal size and are located at all height from all parts, thus providing the widest modification possibilities.