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Training Rig 30-02156

SKU: 30-02156


Training Rig 30-02156 for functional training with a monkey-bar will be a perfect solution for group exercises, competitions and obstacle course organization. The frame consists of an elongated monkey bar, ending with flying pull-up bar and multi-level pull-up bar. The design provides 3 wall-ball targets, V-shaped dip bars, 4 straight horizontal bars, 2 pairs of half safety bars and 6 pairs of J-cups. In that way, we have provided 6 training stations for squats or bench presses. On the perimeter of the construction there are beams, to which it is possible to attach additional equipment for training. At the same time, this frame can be used by up to 12 athletes. Also, you can always equip the station with additional attachments, such as inventory shelves, plyo-platforms, disk storage pins and much more.


Constructions is made of a steel profile pipe 80x80 mm. The thickness of the metal is 3 mm. The structure is very stable and durable, nevertheless, it is desirable to attach the rig to the floor or special platforms. The height of the rig can be 2.4 or 2.8 meters. The pillars are equipped with holes for fastening additional elements and attachments. All the holes are of the same size and are located along the entire height from all sides of the pillars, thereby creating the widest possibilities for modification.