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Training Rig 30-03428

SKU: 30-03428


We have made Training Rig 30-03428 specially for doing crossfit outdoors. The rig is equipped with a monkey bar, ending with wall bars for grip training and kids climbing. The design provides 2 wall-ball targets, 2 places for squats or bench presses, V-shaped dip bars, horizontal bars, place for gymnastic rings, connector for climbing rope.

The rig would be suitable for both - individual backyard gyms and fitness studios, who are about to make training session outdoor. Rig pillars are covered in hot zink and equipped with drenage holes, what makes the rig suitable for any weather conditions. At the same time, this frame can be used by up to 8 athletes. Also, you can always equip the station with additional attachments, such as battle ropes, plyo-platforms, disk storage pins and much more.