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Рама для тренировок во дворе 30-05624

Артикул: 30-05624


The Training Rig 30-05624 belongs to our home, garage, and backyard gym line of rigs. The rig is equipped with a monkey bar, a bouldering wall, a climbing cargo net, a horizontal pull-up bar, a set of gymnastic rings (wood or plastic) a connector for a climbing rope (included- hemp or vinyl), punching bag (not included) or other attachments.

You can easily arrange space for suspension belt training. The rig in its entirety can be an excellent obstacle course for kids and experienced rock climbers alike.

The rig would be suitable for both - individual home/backyard gyms and fitness studios/sports clubs, that would like to build an outdoor functional training area. Rig pillars are hot-dip galvanized with zinc and equipped with drainage holes, for extra weather protection. Also, you can always equip the station with additional attachments, such as battle ropes, plyo-platforms, wall ball targets and much more.